Retrieves the credit balance in your account. The credit balance gets updated when you recharge or verify emails.

Example Request

#GET ''

curl --location --request GET '' \
     --header 'X-RB-API-KEY: <YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>'

Example Response

# Balance object example

  "available": 200
  "pending": 72


Field Type Description
available integer Available credits in your account to be used
pending integer Pending credits in your account.

Error codes

Code Type Message Reason
400 bad_request X-RB-API-KEY header is missing. Occurs due to the absence of the X-RB-API-KEY header from the request.
401 authentication_error No valid API key provided. Occurs due to providing an invalid API key. If you don't have a valid API key or if it expired, go to Dashboard and generate a new key.
5xx N/A N/A Occurs when the API is down.